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Meet The Team

Galactig is creatively led, and driven by a passion to communicate narratives effectively through digital technologies whatever the product – from mobile applications to bespoke 360° virtual reality stories – focussing on both utility and content with big ideas at the heart of our business.

Creative Director, Founder

Derick Gwyn Murdoch

Derick is an expert in User Experience and User Interface design with a real attention to detail and the ability to create intuitive designs across all media with a sharp technical insight. An industry veteran with a burgeoning career, he focuses on amplifying the uniqueness of a project.

He as embraced the brave new world of XR and story telling in virtual reality, and was responsible for the first ever Welsh language VR experience – Dementia First Hand. 

Derick worked at BBC Scotland for 8 years where he created some of the first network-commissioned bilingual projects in English and Gaelic. His work led to him being made responsible for creative direction and managing independent suppliers for BBC Learning Scotland.

After leaving the BBC, he then spent 5 years in the commercial sector as a Senior Designer for Tinopolis Interactive, Wales’ largest media production company.

In 2011 Derick established Galactig, a highly successful and widely known digital agency which has delivered a variety of large-scale digital experiences.

Technical Lead

Dylan Jones

Dylan has 20 years of professional experience developing award winning content and software applications across multiple computer and mobile platforms.

With a Bsc (Hons) in Computing Science, Dylan continues to expand his expertise in software and immersive computing as he leads the technology team in building engaging, successful thoroughly architected solutions with a focus on VR and AR.

In his previous role as head of interactive development, his responsibilities encompassed all aspects of software and application development including project manager, lead programmer, creative director, as well as complete production of projects from concept through to publishing.


Maria Taggart

Maria designs innovative digital experiences, having worked on a variety of creative projects.

With a background in games development, she has expanded her technical experience through the M-SParc Skills Academy after achieving a 1:1 in her Creative Technologies BSc.

She has undertaken several design projects from designing a website for an international art association, to animating 3D models for a VR application, to creating 2D animation for social media.

Maria has a broad skillset having worked in different design disciplines including UI design, visual effects, 3D modelling and animation using software like Blender, Unity, Adobe After Effects, and iClone.

Software Engineer

Llion Baines

Llion excels at making bits of technology talk and play nicely with each other using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Python, QT, QML and gaffer tape.

Commercial Director

Sion Clwyd Roberts

Sion is highly experienced at managing business and legal affairs matters and on advising production personnel on all relevant issues including broadcast compliance, copyright and contractual matters, co-productions and distribution agreements and data protection management.


We are a dynamic bilingual digital creative agency nestled in the heart of North Wales. Our journey began in 2011 when Derick Gwyn Murdoch founded Galactig in Cardiff, driven by a passion for design and user experience expertise. Over the years, we’ve evolved into a recognised industry brand, dedicated to crafting high-quality digital experiences in both English and Welsh.

In 2015, Galactig joined forces with the Rondo Media Group, marking a significant milestone in our growth. This strategic partnership not only fueled our success but also provided an avenue for expansion by tapping into the resources of one of Wales’ largest independent media companies. With an impressive annual turnover exceeding £14m, Rondo boasts a team of over 70 full-time staff and 120 freelance and part-time members. The recent £1m investment in post-production and studio facilities in Caernarfon underscores Rondo’s commitment to excellence.

At Galactig, we pride ourselves on our diverse range of services, including creative consultancy, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mobile applications, web design, user experience, eLearning, video production, and motion graphics. Our expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries, as evidenced by our projects in the Welsh language, leveraging the richness of our cultural heritage.

We love to experiment with new ways of telling stories – such as groundbreaking mixed reality filming for Space Scavengers, a captivating kids’ gameshow pilot. This project showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and entertainment, seamlessly blending the real and virtual worlds through extended reality (XR) experiences.

In addition to our innovative work in entertainment, Galactig plays a crucial role in shaping the future of healthcare and education. Our endeavors in these sectors aim to enhance experiences, improve learning outcomes, and contribute meaningfully to the well-being of individuals and communities.

As we continue to evolve, Galactig remains at the forefront of digital creativity, driven by a commitment to excellence, cultural inclusivity, and pushing the boundaries of technology. Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the digital landscape with creativity, innovation, and a touch of Welsh flair.


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