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Galactig launches first ever Welsh language VR app

Experience dementia with ground-breaking VR on Oculus.

A virtual reality (VR) experience – in English and Welsh – which allows users to understand how it feels to be living with dementia Dementia First Hand (Yn Fy Nwylo I) is available now for free in the Oculus Rift Store.

Scenarios available in the app include every-day tasks around the home, such as making a cup of tea in the kitchen and looking for your car keys; a voice through the headset speaks to you in the same way a person with dementia may think e.g. telling you to put an electric kettle on the hob, in order to demonstrate the confusion dementia patients feel.

Derick Murdoch, Creative Director at creative agency Galactig explains

This is a groundbreaking use of VR technology to teach soft skills in Welsh and English. We have created an experience which allows you to interact with everyday objects using virtual hands which aid users in fully immersing themselves in the narrative.

Project leader Meilys Heulfryn Smith explains why it’s particularly important for this programme to be in the Welsh language

“When a person develops dementia, they may often lose the ability to communicate in their second language. This technology paints a poignant picture of this experience, immersing the user in a situation where they recognise the need for actions to manage the task, and the words associated with those actions, but are simply not able to retrieve them.