Branding and titles for new prison drama

A gritty new S4C drama, set within the harsh confines of a contemporary adult male prison, Bariau is the first major production to be filmed in Llangefni’s £1.6m Aria Film Studios.

Based on testimonies from real-life prisoners and prison guards, the six part series Bariau explores the complex interplay between four central characters on both sides of the law – highlighting the profound impact of the decisions they make on themselves and those around them.

Galactig delved deep into the thematic core of Bariau to extract visual cues that would make the titles not only visually striking but also thematically relevant. Drawing inspiration from real-life prison interiors, the team conceptualized glitchy typography that mirrored the erratic nature of prison life. The intention was to create titles that felt like they were organically part of the prison environment.

We worked worked closely with the production team at Rondo to get the mood of the titles to resonate with the claustrophobic and psychologically intense nature of a dramatised prison setting. The typography was designed to emulate the look of sprayed lettering on prison walls. Glitchy effects were applied to the letterforms, introducing an element of unpredictability and chaos. The choice of colors was deliberate, with dark tones reflecting the somber and constrained ambiance of a prison setting.