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Britain's Favourite Superhero

TV Graphics

We were commissioned by our sister company Yeti to create titles and other motion graphics for Britain’s Favourite Superhero to be broadcast on Saturday primetime Channel 4.

The Show

Britain’s Favourite Superhero tracks the popularity of  superheroes and dozens of recent ‘blockbuster’ films. The 90-minute program includes contributions from Stan Lee,  Mark Hamill, Margot Kidder (Lois Lane in the series of films 70s and early ’80s), the stand-up comic Katherine Ryan, the producer of the X-Men films and Batman actor Christian Bale.

Galactig created a Marvel-esque title sequence along with other other motion graphics to support smaller packages within the show such as ‘Favourite Supervillain’ and ‘Favourite Costume’.

We also created a load of collateral to be used on social media to promote the show such as animated GIFs and quotes. The social media campaign was all handled by the team with tweets scheduled to be published at relevant points in the programme to encourage a structured narrative around the show.