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Bys a Bawd

Augmented Reality App For Kids

Bys a Bawd brings nursery rhymes to life using augmented reality in an exciting app for children of all ages. Sing-a-long with Bedo the blue bard and follow his actions for the songs in your own living room!

Bys a Bawd is a collection of songs suitable for children 0-7 years old including Troi ein Dwylo, Clap Clap, and Adeiladu Ty Bach.
Through these songs the children and their parents will have opportunities to develop their social, physical and linguistic skills. The Welsh words illuminate as they are sung, and there is an option to show a translation of the words in English, for the benefit of non-Welsh speaking parents.
Children’s songs, especially children’s songs that feature interactive activities including finger plays, hand and body movements, offer children a wide variety of fun and playful ways to learn language, vocabulary, educational concepts along with developing fine and gross motor skills.
Brought to you by Cered (Menter Iaith Ceredigon) and Galactig. The songs have been sung by Gwilym Bowen Rhys.
A warm thank you to Mudiad Meithin and Falyri Jenkins for their generosity in allowing us the use of their material from Bys a Bawd, published in 1991.
Bys a Bawd has been funded by the Welsh Government Cymraeg 2050 Fund.