Chwaraeon Trwy’r Gymraeg

promoting the Welsh language in professional sports settings

Chwaraeon Trwy’r Gymraeg, an innovative language learning app, was developed to empower learners, apprentices, and employees in confidently using the Welsh language in professional sports-related settings. The app integrates Welsh language terminology with English translations, interactive quizzes, and a ‘record and compare’ feature for effective revision and knowledge retention.

It aims to bridge the language gap for individuals seeking to communicate confidently and effectively in the Welsh language in their professional sports endeavors.


  • Bilingual Terminology: The app offers a comprehensive list of Welsh sports terminology alongside their English translations. This feature ensures users have easy access to relevant vocabulary, aiding them in navigating professional scenarios with linguistic confidence.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Chwaraeon Trwy’r Gymraeg incorporates interactive quizzes to reinforce learning. Users can test their knowledge of Welsh sports terminology through informative quizzes, promoting active learning and skill application.
  • Record and Compare Feature: Users can record themselves speaking Welsh phrases or terms and then compare their pronunciation with the model provided by the app. This immersive feature enhances language proficiency and boosts self-assurance in communication.
  • Voiced by Nicky John: To add an authentic touch, the app is voiced by renowned Welsh sports presenter Nicky John. Her dynamic and familiar voice not only guides users through the learning process but also inspires confidence, making the language acquisition experience engaging and enjoyable.

Chwaraeon Trwy’r Gymraeg was made possible through the collaboration between Galactig and Coleg Cambria. The project received funding from the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, with additional support from the Welsh Government. This backing underscores the commitment to promoting the Welsh language in professional sports contexts and fostering a bilingual workforce in Wales.