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Crisis Checklist

Medical training app

3C’s Crisis Checklists are an aide-memoir for training on medical and surgical wards. For the first release we have produced 12 checklists including Sepsis, Asthma, Gastro-Intestinal bleed, and also a checklist for safe transport of patients

Improve response to deteriorating patients

Medical checklists are one of the next big things in medicine, they allow complex pathways of care to function with high reliability.

We were approached by a doctor and checklist advocate who is part of a collaborative working towards introducing them in institutions all over the world.

The requirements were to create and app providing 12 checklists covering a range of medical issues which the users can ‘tick off’ their progress in assessing. Additional information (e.g. Drug Doses) are also provided at point-of-need.

Data capturing

Anonymised data is also collected by the app – location and usage – to provide valuable live feedback on how and where the app is being used.

This data will also enable the 3C group to make decisions about how best to develop the app further in the future.


What is 3C?

The Crisis Checklist Collaborative (3C) is a group of people who are passionate about patient safety: nurses, doctors, technicians, specialists from industry and even aviation based in UK, Ireland, Germany, France, US and Australia.


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