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Llond Ceg

Mobile Application

Designed and built for Green Bay Media to support the teen TV show of the same name, Llond Ceg is a free bilingual Advice App crammed full of help and peer advice about all the things that really matter to young people. From dealing with homework stress to parents getting divorced, sexting to self-harm the app tackles all the BIG and small issues that children are faced with today.

Offering lots of useful tips, video clips full of help and advice from young people talking about their own experiences and links to specialist support. Also including animation clips giving YOU the option to make the decision about our characters dilemma in “What should I do?”. Video clips of familiar faces sharing their secret experiences from first kisses to bullying and young Doctors speaking openly about issues such as puberty and health.

Llond Ceg has been commissioned for a second series and we are currently creating new tv GFX, animations and updates to the app.