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TV GFX and mobile app

An exciting new Welsh language quiz show on S4C presented by Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens – supported by a bilingual play-along mobile app!

Branding & Television GFX

Rondo’s new quiz for S4C needed a strong visual identity, titles, on-screen quiz graphics and motion graphics. All of which needed to mesh with the mobile app user interface design.

Working closely with the production team in Rondo, we were able to create a striking set of assets which will hopefully make this new quiz stand-out from the neon-on-black-sameness of most TV quizzes.

The graphical assets were delivered to Kinetic Pixel – who were responsible for the in-studio game tech. Kinetic Pixel were also able to utilise the Content Management System we created for the app to populate the TV graphics.

Play-along App

A core part of Rhestr’s appeal as a quiz format is the ability for viewers to play-along at home. The programme is broadcast in Welsh, but the app is available bilingually in Welsh and English to allow for mixed language households to enjoy the quiz together.

Each question is synced to the app to appear at the same time at home and on screen with viewers scores presented in-app alongside the contestants on screen to encourage competition.

The UI design matches perfectly with the TV graphics given the user a strong connection with the show. There were many technical challenges with the app – complicated by synchronisation with both GMT and time codes within the programme.

Rhestr is available for both Android and iOS devices.